Mobile Legends WTF Funny Moments Episode 216

2 Jan 2021
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  • Soon my Fanny and editing skills will be discovered by many , Giving up is not my Vocabulary. 😍❤️

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  • 9:26 Name the song pls

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  • 609502792020380765 look that match ,how kagura escaped from franco-this match have many escaped science of kagura,but last escaped is too funny🤣

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  • 😂

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  • Avi ek ne chalange kiya custom pe.. main v aagya. Woh har bar mere hatoh mara ja raha tha.. toh last main usne fight chor k push karke victory liya..fir mujhe bolta hai ye aulad mera..😁😁

    M TvM Tv10 hari yang lalu
  • mga idol hihinge lang po sana ako ng tulong at support sainyo... sa isang subs ng account nyo malaking tulong na po para sa nangangarap na tulad ko.. salamat po sa inyong kabutihang loob.

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  • wkwkw wtf moment :^

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  • supper troll =))

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  • I am also a mlbb player I am pro in alucard my Id is Harshit arya

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  • I make game plays of mobile legend, I'm mono Ruby, give La my channel, and I'm sorry to do this here

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  • 7:14 song pls)

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  • Intro:old but gold

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  • My johnson also same as that when I delete his skills data

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  • 8:02 whats the title of that song

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    • Thank you very much 🙃

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    • She's a killer

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  • 3:42

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  • 4:08 that face

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    • How we win

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  • 5:33 Ghost magic😈😈😈

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    • Its luo yi's passive where if someone has yin and the other one has the yang

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    • Maybe divine glaive or her passive

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  • 7:13 song name?

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    • @Kujo jotaro thanks bro you best

      狼 3113狼 311314 hari yang lalu
    • Dis is the song name

      Kujo jotaroKujo jotaro15 hari yang lalu
    • The drop

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  • Hehe your videos are too much nice i take sound from your videos and keep it my franco clips and then post it on insta

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    • @Xenin Thank you, It's my favorite meme on ML wtf vids

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    • Just try to search This means before you were born Hopefully this would help

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    • Bro use shazam app 👌

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