Mobile Legends WTF Funny Moments Episode 209

6 Okt 2020
821 652 Ditonton

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Intro: ES_Army Of Angels 1 - Johannes Bornlöf
Outro: Anikdote - Which Direction- [NCS Release]
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  • Cause you can see every where youre enymys are

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  • Is that map hack

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  • Wow thats nice good job in escaping layla alice and better luck next time on killing hanzo franco good luck.

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  • Indo ni boss: savage 🤣

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  • 6:05 how come??

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  • Al ver la intro vi a axel de dota 🤣🤣quien mas lo vio

  • 0:38 Layla could have simply used basic attack oof!!

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    • @tanisha shah @you.missed.the.joke

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    • @LHRL dude mm attack is never on cooldown! I said normal attack not skills which are I'm cooldown!

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    • It was on cooldown

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  • Romeo save me song pleas wanwan and ling

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  • 7:30 Carmilla Damage Hack

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  • 6:00 Franco uses cooldown hack watch his flicker cooldown guys

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    • U mean the ally franco? Yeah i saw it too the flicker says 108 before franco was hooked and then it change into 120

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  • 3:55 that chang'e though, didn't even get an assist lol

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  • 7:26 does anyone know the name of the song, if you do speak please thank you! :)

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    • @achmad iwan thank you very much :) I really wanted to know ✌😁

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  • "1:25" if you really need tons of those just try *.* fastest way to have them

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  • Fun tip: In practice mode, There's a way for the AI enemy to kill the lord. Step 1: Equip/Buy a cursed helmet Step 2: Spam Normal Bot near the lord Step 3: Let the lord come closer to the bots

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    • @Xenin just spam normal bots,its faster

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    • Just take belerick cause thats a bit longer

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  • Your my idol when you play and it nice to see how you play so good..i like to follow your step..and also please give me a advance what is your startigy when your playing please vesit my channel and see how i cant develop my skill of playing..

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  • Moskov be like Roses are red Violets is not blue If im going to die Im going to die with you 1:41

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    • В интернете, представь себе... Или это так сложно?

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