Mobile Legends WTF Funny Moments Episode 225

20 Apr 2021
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  • Me when recording- Defeat,Noob Me when not recording- Pro, Victory

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  • 5:55 Oh my god I experienced this before too😂😂at the MCL grand finals, we were losing quite badly cuz the enemy team was so good at targetting me (I was the mm & jungler). They pushed us all the way to our base and we thought it was GG;;BUT damnnn, this one legend minion destroyed the enemies base before any of them managed to recall and defend. All hail minions, they the real MVP😂

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    • This is why I don't like late game, the minions gets bigger and tougher than usual and can break a tower fast, this is why I always end the game early

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  • Alternative title : Noob Players Compilation

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