Chang'e Rank Gameplay K/D/A: 9/1/8 - Road to top 1

24 Mar 2021
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  • 17:22 "jangan di clear minionnya" Bjirr

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  • Was superHVH always being hosted by a gril? I really thought the host is a guy 😂😂😂. Well she's both pro and beautiful👍

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    • Shes a new host

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  • You are akhiri,akali,Evelyn,kaisa

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  • Un momento cual versión de mlbb es está? Porque el wacher no dejo el ward después de ser tomado por change y hayapollo, fíjense cuando ella y Hayabusa lo toman, el wacher solo los sigue como antes, pero el wacher actual después de ser tomado, deja una copia que da visión en área, aunque solo patrulla alrededor

    Hank Jg. HernandezHank Jg. HernandezBulan Yang lalu
  • Whatever we do in this life is striving in goodness and helping each other. Not trying to compete with each other. I really like your content and I'm very comfortable here while watching the beginning to the end. Thanks for sharing

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  • Hello everyone 😀 Hope you have a wonderful day 😘

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  • Change nya di awal knp gk curi buf nya Claude kk

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    • @Aydar Tessa pycc

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  • Que hermosa sos 😍

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  • Someday my Claude Gameplay and Montage will be Recognized 🔥 Stay safe everyone😷

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  • Damn! She looks so beautiful😍😍😍

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  • Greetings To All SuperHVH Solid Fans Out There!!!

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  • 99% is Purr gaming 1% is WTF moments I miss the good old SuperHVH

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    • I miss old owner

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  • Here's a Chang'e Gameplay by Purr From Singapore! 😁👍 I hope to see you play Guinevere or Kagura next upload! 😊

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  • Early idols

  • Second

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